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iPad Calculator App

Security Benefit has developed an App for your iPad that allows you to take the GLWB Rider income calculator with you wherever you meet with clients; it’s as easy at 1-2-3. Click here to be directed to apple.com to download the App and get started, or:

  • Go to the App Store on your iPad, type in “Secure Income Annuity” in the search box,
  • Click to install the SIA GLWB Calculator App on your iPad (you’ll need your Apple ID in order to complete the process),
  • Open and start using the App with your clients.

The App has been developed to mirror the calculator on this site and will provide the same information, only in a more portable form for your iPad.

With this App you can:

  • Generate a professionally prepared, customized client presentation with your specific contact information, as well as your client’s information
  • Instantly calculate your client’s expected income
  • Email the presentation

With an intuitive interface, it’s quick and easy to input client specifics to prepare a customized presentation that will show the premium amount and how much money your clients can expect to receive annually for as many years as they live, when they purchase the GLWB Rider.

Click here to download and try it now or use the instructions above to find it in the App Store directly on your iPad.


SIA iPad Calculator App